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Imported Body Oil, Incense, sages & Herbs stock
Perfumed Body Oils

City Perfumed Body Oils is located inside the Phone City Largo store at 920 largo center drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774, Serving DC metro city areas such as Largo MD, Upper Marlboro MD, Waldorf MD, Capitol Height MD, Temple hills MD and spring dale MD.  Washington DC, and in Alexandria Virginia.

It’s one of the best natural Perfumed Body Oils and hair care products store, you would ever go to find the right product you need for your body and hair care. At City Perfumed Body Oils, you discover the true meaning of smart and hard work, dedication, and quality customer care. Your satisfaction is the reason why we are here.

We have 200+ items stock of Body Perfume Oils and African natural product, Body Oils, imported exotic Indian Fragrance Body Oils with packaging glass and plastics bottles, body, face and hair products, Exotic Incense, Incense holder / Burner, aromatherapy such as Oil Burner / Warmer/ Lamps, Soaps, Essential oil, Perfumes and much more.

City Perfumed Body Oils one of the leading Scented Body Oils shop in DC metro area.  have a reputation of delivering quality products to our customers. Most of our product imported from outside USA. Our customer love to buy repeatedly. Our goal is to be serve, world best perfumed Body Oils with lowest price to the customer. You are welcome to visit our store.   

Perfumed Body Oils


Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. City Perfumed Body Oil has no affiliation with the manufacturers/designers. Our interpretation of these fragrances was created through chemical analysis and reproduction, and the purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead or confuse the customer. It is not intended to infringe on the manufacturers/designer's name and valuable trademark. We do not represent our products to be original nor do we represent that they are exact copies; therefore they do not violate any copyright laws. Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison. Also, let it be known, that this web site has no affiliation to, and is not associated or sponsored by any of these trademark owners. We simply ask the consumer to compare the price, style, and quality of the designer brand products to  City Perfumed Body oils products. These are perfume oils NOT original perfumes,colognes or scented products. 

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